Q / Can I book a same-day appointment with you?

A / You can try! I prefer a 24-hour notice as I'm often working on other ventures. If I can accommodate them I will, if not then I'm sure we can find a time that works best for both of us. 

Q / What is it like to spend time with you?

A / You are the center of my attention when you are with me. I want to learn you like no other woman has & appeal to your senses in a way unique to us. We all long for adventure with a hint of seductive danger & I plan to fulfill those longings whether we're whisking each other away for a weekend or experiencing life's delicacies. In short, our time together is unique to us.

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Q / Is the information asked within the screening necessary?

A / Yes, as stated discretion and safety are my top priorities. Trust is the #1 factor in all of my friendships and knowing you are who you say you are puts my mind at ease and allows me to further entertain the friendship. In no way am I trying to be intrusive I just want to make sure you are qualified for this friendship.



Q / I have certain circumstances that don't allow me to complete either of the verification methods. What should I do?

A / If you do have special circumstances (i.e., requiring confidentiality agreements or NDA's ) or if you're easily verifiable (i.e., publicly known) email me with a detailed message of your circumstance.



Q / Do you have an age limit?

A / Nope! I only ask your age for verification purposes. But I do have a sweetspot for gentleman over the age of 30. 



Q / How will you be dressed for our date? 

A / I've always been a 4-inch heel and proper yet feminine business attire type of lady. Beyond my style of dress presenting an exceptional decorum is my priority in my day to day and especially when meeting a special friend. 



Q / How should I go about gifting you the consideration?

A / After we exchange greetings place the consideration (in an unsealed envelope) on the nearest counter within my sight (i.e., bathroom, bar or coffee table) . I will then excuse myself and once I return, we will proceed with our date. It's mandatory that all first- time friends considerations are in cash preferably of the highest domination.


Q / Why are deposits required?

A / Firstly when you book a date with me, I'm happily making you my #1 Priority that day. Deposits are required in good-faith that you plan on showing up looking dapper & ready to explore!



Q / How about the deposit?

A / I offer several options for deposits. Deposit are required for all dates. If you're unable to pay the deposit upon booking, expect a 10% surcharge. I do accept CC & all major card companies. 



Q / Could you wear ... to our date?

A / I trust that all of my friends have elegant taste so of course!


Q / Can I see more pictures?

A / Of course! I'm active on Twitter, but personal pictures are housed in my private gallery.


Q / What turns you on?

A / Manners are key! A gentleman that knows how to treat a lady are gems. From opening the door to flowers & surprises. Being thoughtful will catch my attention.



Q / Do you offer specials or discounts? 

A /  Tiffany’s doesn't lower it's price for windows shoppers neither do I.



Q / Are you open to travel? 

A / Absolutely, only with established friends when my schedule permits. Please email me if you're interested. 





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