Manhatta; Dinner Above Manhattan

“Here in this big city

Many people come and go

But my love, we two are a permanent thing

Like a bird on the wing

For the coming of spring

Just picture a penthouse

Way up in the sky”

Here I was above Manhattan with views of the Hudson, sunsets in the village and a rather big penthouse (of sorts) on top of the town. Manhatta has been a buzz word restaurant for some time. It's a place I've wanted to try but didn't work too hard to pursue, but after having a solo dinner, I sure wish I would've given it a chance sooner. I love Fine Dining but let's be honest; sometimes the food isn't all that tasty or you don't have too much to taste due to the portion size. I can assure you that Manhatta is a fine dining restaurant you can visit and be pretty content from 3 courses, which makes it a winner on my list.

[We] want it to feel as warm and familiar as a neighborhood restaurant
— Michelin Guide

After nearly a week in Manhattan & my fine dining interest were revived after lunch at Le Coucou I figured why not cross a restaurant off of my ever-growing list. Initially, I was planning on making an early lunch at Manhatta but figured why not make it a romantic dinner for one. After a brief strut in the untimely New York drizzle, I was in the lobby of Manhatta and shown to some high-speed & ear-popping elevators. Exiting the elevator felt as if I was walking into the sky. You were immersed in the floor to unobstructed ceiling views of Manhattan with a crisp pink sunset as a backdrop. This was a perfect date spot and an even better environment for my very important dinner for one. The space has a upscale yet genuine energy that is refreshing considering the hustle & bustle of the city but don't get me wrong it's still Manhattan just a bit more approachable.

From the first taste of the first appetizer, I was won over.
— Forbes

I was seated in the coziest table for one with a view of a beautiful couple and the backdrop of Manhattan. Being that I rarely dine alone watching them smile & exchange glances throughout the evening made my meal even sweeter. (What can I say? I'm a sucker for love.) After looking over the menu I knew exactly what I wanted that night, but I always have a fun game to push myself out of my comfort zone so I asked the waitress what she recommends and she insisted I try the mushroom risotto. While I'm not a mushroom enthusiast, I can always be converted. I decided to go with the squid ink strozzapreti, mushroom risotto & for toasted dessert marshmallow for my three-course meal. Not a bad pairing but my concern was that after this I would still be pretty hungry, but after my second glass of champagne, I was settled into my cozy booth and soon found myself surrounded by many couples. Love was in the air.

All three of the dishes were fabulous, but my waitress steered me in the right direction because the mushroom risotto stole the show. It was a classic risotto, but the texture of mushroom was light enough to where you could still indulge in the creamy flavors. I could hardly finish it all! The portion was so large, but I enjoyed every bite and found it impossible to finish the dessert along with the complimentary dessert wine; perhaps dining alone has its perks after all?

Manhatta is on my radar for my next visit & if you haven't given it, a shot don't wait any longer.

Until the next dish, 


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