The Modern NYC ; Intentionality & Living Art

Because food is life. And life does not stand still.
— The Modern

I was first exposed to the essence of The Modern while visiting the Museum of Modern Art are in NYC nearly a year ago. The website was well designed, the doors sturdy & the view from the inside looked breathtaking, so I had to get in....

Entrance of  The Modern

Entrance of The Modern

From the moment we entered The Modern everything flowed. I felt as if I was in an episode off of Billions all of the guests were put together & the place reeked unpretentious sophistication. From the moment we were seated we at our table overlooking MoMA's Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden we were met with the most courteous staff. It was evident that I wasn't dinning at just any restaurants this was a restaurant in the Museum of Modern Art for crying sake?! and as expected everything had an intentional purpose from the arrangement of the tables, the positioning of the chairs to get the best views of the garden, the care given to how the cheese cart was rolled around throughout the night. All things were considered & I loved every second of it.

All things were considered & I loved every second of it.

Along with the intentionality of the design I found the continuity of the Staff fascinating it was as if I was witnessing a dance; the purest form of living art they walked with a certain gaunt, they plated with impeccable & synchronized timing, the best way I could word it is that everything was cohesively stunning which allowed the guest to focus on their company with the beautiful backdrop of the Sculpture Garden. It was an absolute dream, but I haven't even got to the food...

Going against my Keto diet for the occasion we opted for the 6-course menu with wine pairings. Everything was exceptional with the most interesting dish being the Ants on a Log and the instagramable #EggonEggonEgg was a delight but my favorite for the night was the Turbot with Mushroom and Cabbage as you can imagine I can go on & on about the food, but I recommend you visit The Modern on your next night on the town in New York City for the food yes but the aesthetic experience even more.

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