A Rake's Progress DC ; True American Cuisine

A Rake's Progress is one of those restaurants you happen to fall into or rather stumble into if you're enjoying the vibrant bar-hopping community of Adams Morgan. Located in the electric 5-Start Line Hotel, the restaurant is housed in 110-year old historic church & complimented by two unique bars A Rake's Bar & Brothers And Sisters located downstairs. So why did I want to come here? Simply put the views initially, but the food left a bigger impression on me.

Drama? Yes, please. A Rake’s Progress is no ordinary dining room, and the Line is not your workaday hotel. Housed inside a gorgeous old stone church in Adams Morgan, this “rakish” room shoots big and scores.
— Michelin Guide

I suggested this restaurant while planning while this outing I had walked inside the hotel, in the bar area upstairs and everywhere in between but had yet to taste what the hype was about which I assumed was mostly just that... hype. Upon arriving to the restaurant, you see happy hour shufflers going between the bar area some casually dressed tourist others looking as if they came straight out of the conference room. This is a restaurant that a lot of people happen to stumble into due to the grand entrance of the hotel. I appreciate this openness and enjoy the mixture of walk-ins and business folk it adds more to the eclectic mix of the hotel and the oddly placed pillows on the steps for seating. There's something about the environment that screams DC weird yet refined. I enjoy that.

...prides itself on a hardcore devotion to Mid-Atlantic farmers and purveyors.
— Washingtonian

I arrived before my date, so I had time to explore the area and strategize how I was going to hike up the steps to the restaurant in my 4inch heels and fitted dress. Upon his arrival we were immediately seated and walking into the dining room yet again I felt those same initial chills the light of the stained glass hugging the floor, overlooking the guest below and the centerpiece. I was reminded of why I became so enamored by this place. After we were seated, we were promptly greeted by the waiter, which despite the grand surroundings had a very relaxed approach which served as a warm welcome. My date and I were wanting to keep dinner on the lighter side, so I didn't have any of the entrees this go around (It's photoshoot season guys!) but what I did had knocked me off of my feet nonetheless.

I choose to go with the Vegetable Pancake which tastes just about as exciting as it sounds. It was an egg with vegetables inside of it and yolk in the middle of the pancake. Never had I tasted anything so unique and aesthetically pleasing in my life but what made this dish enjoyable was not the interaction of flavors but rather the texture of the seeds, the crisp bits of the edges of the egg complimenting the soup like center. I don't have much experience with fine dining as a vegetarian but this dish is one I recommend and would have again, but further, it makes me curious about what else A Rake's Progress has to offer because they proved to me that we're more than just a pretty face.

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