Why I'm learning French (J'apprends le français)


I promised myself with my new found freedom post achieving my undergraduate that I wouldn't just sit around and finish the whole series of gossip girl (though I'm through the first season) I needed to keep myself busy. I wasn't fond of going back to a strict university and wanted to study at my pace but within a structured environment. Then reflecting on a conversation I had with a well-educated girlfriend I remembered her stressing the importance of investing in yourself through another language. Also, with the books I’ve read which be shared on my investing in your education in ways of travel & cultural immersion (i.e., language) gives you a certain je ne sais que with that understood I started my journey.


Before deciding on French, I had a slew of options from the years of Spanish courses in secondary school to my near obsession with Italy (and love for pasta) and then came my romance with French. Not only is the language incredibly sexy, nothing screams sophistication more than a French education. Before fully committing myself, I wanted to give it a try and downloaded the popular Duolingo app to learn the basics of garçon vs. fille along with odd words like Cheval. After weeks of consistently practicing, I said let's give it go and signed up for local French lessons with a Montreal Native.

The lessons weren't necessarily accessible to everyone, but they are an investment in myself, and if you can't depend on anything in this world, you can guarantee that you will never let yourself down. I didn't stop at only French lessons because I need to put my new found language to use, which led me to book a trip to Paris for the fall after my lessons are complete. While I doubt I'll be completely fluent by the fall I should be able to hold light conversations and who knows one day Paris maybe home. As I continue along this journey, I will keep you ladies posted as I don't want to give out any advice or recommendations until I finish the program.