Chicago's Best; Lou Malnati, Sienna's Tavern, Wildberry Pancake & Cafe

I recently made my first "official" trip to Chicago. Yes, it was cold, and I did catch a few snow flurries, but all around I had a great time, not because of the great shopping on the Magnificent Mile but you guessed it... The food!

Follow my gastronomic adventures in the windy city below.

Sienna’s Tavern


Can you ever have enough Squid Ink Pasta?

As soon as I landed and acquainted myself with the cold, I was off running errands when mid-day I realized I hadn't eaten much of anything after quick consult with Yelp I found myself at a dimly lit & ever so sophisticated Sienna's Tavern on W Kinzie St. After a quick scope of the place I found myself a snug seat at the bar in the corner (Yes, I'm that hottie in the corner at the bar). Immediately when I viewed the menu, one particular dish caught my eye, and that's the Squid Ink Spaghetti. I could dedicate a whole post about my love for the surprisingly nutritious delicacy but know from the Four Seasons in Atlanta to Osteria Morini in Soho I've had my share yet can't get enough. I paired my squid ink pasta with cauliflower & champagne because I'm in Chicago so why not! Overall the meal was delicious for a "bar bite."

Lou Malnati

What good is a Chicago trip without a Deep Dish Pizza. My girlfriend suggested Lou Malnati's and I'll keep this portion of the review short and sweet. Simply do it and if you can afford to do it twice. Just be sure to walk it off.

Wildberry Pancake & Cafe


And my pancakes expectations have been exceeded

After visiting Clinton Hill Bakery in New York, I have a new love for pancakes so when I got wind (pun intended) of a breakfast spot called Wildberry I had to go. I trekked through Snow Flurries to this so-called "wildberry" and was immediately greeted by the sweetest staff. I'm a basic pancake girl and but I love my fruit, so I opted for the buttermilk pancakes & hashbrowns (because I'm southern) and it pains me to type this, and I apologize to my mother, but these were the best pancakes to grace my lips in my 22 years of life. It it worthy of a Chicago layover and much more.

I look forward to visiting Chicago again for the pancakes… I mean boat tour! In the meantime these spots are on my radar for my next trip.

Chicago Restaurant Wishlist:

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