Marea NYC; Italian Cuisine meets New Yorker Swagger

In the beginning, food was life. Now, life is food.
— Marea

I stumbled upon Marea on accident my initial foodie sights were set on Le Bernardin, but the timing didn't work out luckily a New York Magazine suggested Marea, and if Marea was this good then I can only imagine Le Bernardin is life changing. I rarely find myself in near Central Park when I visit NYC maybe the unofficial New Yorker in me is over the tourist destination, but after dinner at Marea, I may need to make my way there more often


Hopping out of the Taxi and walking into Marea I instantly felt chicer. My fitted midnight blue dress & suede Manolo's fit right into the crowd of Marea. I was surrounded by understated luxury; this wasn't a place with a gaudy clientele

Marea attracts those who don’t chase luxury, but who live it
— Marea

We were seated in a comfortable corner booth that put me in view of all of the action taking place near the kitchen. It was busy but chic. Being an Italian lover everything looked good on the menu, and I honestly couldn't decide on what to go with, and I didn't want to miss out on the selections. I've learned that when in doubt go with the Chef's Tasting menu.

To say that I had a favorite dish would be an insult. The whole dinner was flavorful, fulfilling (no pun intended) & curated exceptionally well. My friend & I were stunned at the amount of food we ate & amused by the fact we wanted more! While I don't have any favorites, I do have some recommendations that I feel best represent what Marea has to offer will be the Strozzapreti Pasta with Jumbo Crab, Baccello di Cacao dessert & the Fusilli with braised octopus & bone marrow is a must have.

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