Gabriel Kreuther NYC ; "The Eponymous Restaurant"

Sophisticated French cooking presented in chic, airy environs with salvaged- wood beams.
— Gabriel Kreuther

Have you ever heard of the concept of Analysis Paralysis? I was introduced to the idea through a Ted Talk video from one of my favorite authors Tim Ferries. To keep it short Analysis Paralysis is the inability to choose because you're overwhelmed by the options & if you happen to be a google search feen this can get you into a rabbit hole. Every time I visit New York I suffer from Analysis Paralysis when it comes to food! Too many options & too little time. When Gabriel Kreuther was suggested by a friend, I couldn't help but wonder what the Michelin-Starred Chef & James Beard Award-Winning “Best Chef New York City.” had cooking up his sleeve.

Entrance of  Gabriel Kreuther

Entrance of Gabriel Kreuther

Strutting from 6th Avenue in my Louboutins I was as fashionable as a New Yorker but as lost as a tourist. After finding W 42nd & the landmark of Bryant Park, I figured this must be it. Passing Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate, I was almost tempted to stop there beforehand but before I could make that decision I was met with a smile & embrace from my friend & we were off to share an incredible dinner. Upon entering Gabriel Kreuther, you feel their sense of warmth from the spirited staff, soaring ceilings & ambient lighting. Out of all dining adventures, this has to be one of the best from a design perspective as it has the "elegant yet relaxed setting." it’s evident that Chief Gabriel perfected his aesthetic sense while working at The Modern. We were seated in one of the best seats in the main dining room overlooking a massive abstract paintings that teased at the modern twist that was yet to come with the courses.

The intriguing massive abstract paintings that teased at the modern twist that was yet to come with the courses

Dining is one of my favorite ways of learning about culture being a fan of French cuisine I couldn't go wrong with any of the choices on the menu, but I wanted to learn more about Chef's Gabriel Alsace's heritage through the Chef's Tasting. We opted for the Chef's Carte Blanche six-course menu with the prestige wine pairings.

My favorite aspects of the dinner weren't the dishes though some of my favorites were the Green-Walk Hatchery Trout On Cedar Plank & Four Cheese Ravioli (pictured below). What caught my eye the most were the plating options & presentation it served as a nice compliment for the modern perspective on the traditional Alsace dishes. What I found to be the tastiest at the dinner is one of the opening bread dishes called kugelhopf. Physically it is reminiscent of an angel cake, but it has one of the most subtle yet savory tastes with just enough garlic to prepare your palate for what's to come. Overall I would visit Gabriel Kreuther again during another season to see what they have to offer I'll also make an effort to visit Kreuther Chocolate next time.

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