Fresh From: DC

Washington is a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm.
— John F. Kennedy
Washington Monument

Washington Monument




Some affectionately call D.C. The American Rome, chocolate city & everything in between. Over the past two months, I've been lucky to call D.C. home. Before stepping my 4inch heels in Chocolate city, I had yet to visit, but I dived head first & without a doubt spending time away from Atlanta has been a great experience

My first interaction that stated, "We are not in the south anymore." was my first Metro ride at 8 am on a Monday. In Atlanta, things are slower, and we have plenty of space & time in D.C. that's a luxury I didn't have. Eventually, I learned how to nicely elbow my way to a corner to find something or someone (hint hint) to hang onto. After I became accustomed to the power walks, suits & random "Someone important is in town" road closings D.C. became a second home. From walking over god knows what trash Sunday Morning after an eventful Saturday night on U Street to taking short weekend trips to the beach what D.C. has to offer is more than the city itself but the location.

If I wasn't soaking it up at a rooftop pool or exploring the city, I was in NYC doing what I do best which is getting lost in museums, strolling through Soho, brunching & hopping on helicopters. In short, I've been living my best life as I had the opportunity to be the ultimate Partner in Crime this summer. Thank you to all of my special friends that made this possible & I can't wait to experience what the future has in store. 


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