The Rules of Engagement

The pleasure isn’t in doing the thing, the pleasure is in planning it.
— John Green

After scrolling for a matter of seconds or minutes, you come across "Selene Kitt" you browse through my photos & like what you see, but you want to know who Selene is beyond the photos. The first point of research is to skim my advertisement (because let's be honest few of you read all of it, but I do greatly appreciate those who do) or you go straight to my website which you're likely disappointed to find my site is locked (would have known if you read my ad) some give up but the men that truly care find my public blog, and here we are.  

So you're ready to take the baby step of contacting me or just curious about the process. Lucky for you I'm here to hold your hand & help you. 



Send Over The Requested Information

First impressions are everything & my impression of you starts at the from the first email. My favorite emails began with a completed form submission! Did he send over the requested information? Introduce himself? Is the email well-written email or does it have the dreaded three words "Are you available?".

Fellas don't be shy to introduce yourself whether it's a small line stating where you're from and how you found me I don't want a full-blown biography just yet as I prefer to have a bit of mystery before we meet. 

While we are working towards building a friendship, I am a business professional, and I expect you to interact & respect me as such aka I'm not your "baby" and also I'm not "Selena." what I am is a very sweet woman that would love to get to know you. 

If You're Using References

Questions to ask yourself...

Is my requested date a sufficient time for my references to reply to her? 

Are my references information up to date? (i.e., email addresses are valid)

Have I provided her with sufficient information to verify my references  (email, social media, active ads, P411, website, email etc.)?


If You're The Alternative Method Of Verification
Questions to ask yourself...

Have I provided all the information necessary for her to verify my identity with other entities (work, gov, major companies, reservations)?

Is the information I provided verifiable outside of myself & associated with reputable companies? 





When The Times Don't Work...

There isn't enough time in the day, and sometimes our schedules won't align. Friends that are wanting appointments within 48 hours tend to experience this as working each other into are pre-existing schedules is hard. While spontaneity is great (and encouraged on planned outings) but not when it comes to scheduling with me! If you need last minute appointments often (you know who you are embrace it), then prescreen please! Prescreening helps both of us, so when you contact us, it's as simple as coordinating times. 

Don't Forget To Prebook Even If We're Already Friends

The most meaningful & fulfilling connections are the ones established with friends I see on a regular basis. I give all of my current friend's priority as we have an established connection & 9.8/10 I've missed them! But I still have tons of other things going on, so pre-booking is always preferred to ensure we'll have time to enjoy each other.



The gentlemen I meet are truly friends as I value the time you invest in our relationship. After seeing each other emotions are high for both parties and I would hate for us to lose contact. Occasionally sending a "hello" is fine by me as I enjoy those updates but please understand there are boundaries to saying hello on an occasional basis versus contacting me a little much plus as many of you know I'm a face to face type of gal.

Hopefully, this guide has shown you the correct way to introduce yourself to not only me but other women you fancy. If there's anything I didn't address, please leave a comment below, and I'll be sure to answer your question to the best of my ability. 

Until Next Time,