Am I genuinely attracted to older men? 

I don't have an age preference necessarily. But I find men under a certain age lack the manners to approach me, the charm to arouse my interest and the technique to satisfy. All of my experiences with older men have led to magical relationships full of passion and laughter with unmatched memories. While many people view aging as the process of losing charm, I only see it as you mastered the game of life. The knowledge and experience you've acquired have supplied you with a perspective that is unique to you, and at this point in life, you are so attractively comfortable with yourself that it radiates in your movements and tone of voice. You understand what makes you tick and you're not afraid to articulate those things. You know what things that are worth cherishing and one of my favorite qualities among many is that you command respect. For these very reasons I find older men fascinating and wildly attractive in both my professional and personal life because the only disparity between the two is a name. I do not judge you for your past experiences because I only care to create new ones. 

Below I'm blessing you with a memorizing song by Emily King. I first heard it while watching the film An Oversimplification of Her Beauty by Terence Nance. An agonizingly alluring film about the many ups and downs (and in-betweens) we face when someone new enters are life and welcomingly invades are mind. The semi-animated format allows you to get lost in the beauty of affection & the process of falling & failing in love. 

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