Fresh From: Chicago


Chicago, Chi-Town, The Windy City, The city where workout clothes are the new black and in my opinion workout clothes should only be black.

Traveling is an experience, and I firmly believe being well traveled is apart of being well rounded as an individual. Unfortunately, it's a facet of myself that I have yet to develop but all that is going to change! Because a well-traveled Selene would be pretty dangerous. 😉  My first stop of this new endeavor was Chicago! Why did I choose this particular location? Business? Pleasure? Being that my business is bringing those slight smiles on faces, getting those butterflies fluttering and keeping the laughs coming... let's just say it's none of your biz-nas! What matters is that I had a ball. Strolling down the Magnificent Mile shopping bag in tow, Admiring all the Louie V and fine Chicagoans (along with clubs fans), Atlanta has a little catching up to do! Don't get me wrong I love my city, but I don't think we've quite caught 'the wave' but considering that Atlanta has plenty of room to expand I'm hopeful that in the coming years we will catch up.


I didn't have nearly as much time as I needed, so next time I'm putting the Chicago Architecture Tour & The Museum of Science & Industry at the tip top of my list. (Along with more shopping ☺️)


Let's do this again Chicago!